Eitan Steinberg & Etty BenZaken

Eitan & Etty:

Ladino and other folk songs

The major ethnic-music projects of Eitan Steinberg (research and arrangements) and Etty BenZaken (research and performance) are: 

The Streets of Our Childhood

(Since 2017)

Eitan Steinberg's arrangements of children's folk songs from many ethnic communities in Israel, in Hebrew, Arabic, Yiddish, Ladino, German, Dutch, French, English and more. Composed for Etty BenZaken and Modalius Ensemble, the project was premiered on 2017. A studio recording CD is expected 2021.

Joy שמחה  فرحه 

Since 2014

Eitan Steinberg's multi-stylistic project: arrangements of folk songs from various ethnic communities in Israel, alongside early and contemporary short pieces and arrangements. Set for Etty BenZaken and Modalius Ensemble, this project was widely performed and in 2017 it was released on a CD.

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I Love My Love

(Since 2006)

Eitan Steinberg's arrangements of folk love songs, for voice and guitar, in Armenian, English, Hebrew, Ladino, Spanish and more. The project was widely performed in Israel, Europe and the US, and is featured on the CD "I Love My Love" (2010) performed by vocalist Etty BenZaken and guitarist Oded Shoub.

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The Bride Unfastens Her Braids, The Groom Faints

(Since 1998)

Eitan Steinberg's arrangements of Judeo Spanish love songs and wedding songs in Ladino and Hekitiya, set for Etty BenZaken's voice in several versions:

* Orchestral version for voice & chamber orchestra;

* Chamber versions for voice and various ensembles;

* Duo version for voice and guitar.

Since 1999, this project was widely performed by BenZaken in Israel, Europe and the US. It was recorded on Israeli TV and featured on a CD on New Albion Records (1999). A new double-CD was released in celebration of the projects' 20th anniversary, in 2019.

The full 20th anniversary concert, on youtube >> 

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