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2019, 2CDs

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Steinberg-BenZaken's Ladino project: Eitan Steinberg's arrangements are performed by Etty BenZaken, Modalius Ensemble and guest artists, conducted by Steinberg.

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Liberty * Otherness * Responsibility

2018, Israel Music Institute 

Etty BenZaken & Modalius Ensemble, conducted by Eitan steinberg, perform 8 works composed for them by Israeli composers: Hagar Kadima, Sara Shoham, Guy Ben-Tov, Yuval Shay-El, Uri Netanel, Ido Akov, Shiri Riseman, Eitan Steinberg. 

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Joy שמחה فرحه


Etty BenZaken & Modalius Ensemble perform Eitan Steinberg's music and arrangements!

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Etty BenZaken - Voice Drawings

2012, 2CDs

Etty BenZaken performs works written for her voice by Israeli composers, with texts by Hebrew poets.

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I Love my Love 


Eitan Steinberg's arrangements of folk love songs: English ballads, Judeo-Spanish romancas and songs in French, Hebrew, Yiddish, Armenian, Spanish and Italian and more. Performed by Etty BenZaken and guitarist Oded Shoub

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BenZaken sings Steinberg and Bardanashvili


Etty BenZaken performs Eitan Steinberg's "Rava Deravin" and "Satabat Mater - a Human Prayer" and Joseph Bardanashvili's "Yearning" for voice and orchestra.

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This CD is out of print, soon a digital version.

Eitan Steinberg - Rava Deravin


Eitan Steinberg's chamber works performed by Etty BenZaken and Boston Musica Viva, conducted by Richard Pittman.

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The Bride Unfastens Her Braids, the Groom Faints 

New Albion, 1999

Etty BenZaken performs Eitan Steinberg's arrangements of Judeo-Spanish love songs in Ladino and Hekitiya, with Yatan Atan Ensemble.

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This CD is out of print. New recordingss of many of this CD's songs are included in the 2019 double-CD "Ladino" (see top of page).

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BenZaken's singing and Steinberg's music can be heard also on:
Hagar Kadima – Homeless Woman (2015)

With Etty BenZaken performing 2 compositions by Hagar Kadima: "A Woman is Not" and "Stop".

2011/12 Organ Recital Series at The University of Haifa

Including Eitan steinberg's composition for organ solo "Transparent Distance" performed by Yuval Rabin.

The Music Department, Haifa Universiy (2011)

Including Eitan Steinberg's orchestral piece "Cosmic Progressions in the Heart" performed by the Israel Camerata Jerusalem. Conductor: Avner Biron.

Kim Kashkashian – Neharot (ECM 2009)

Including Eitan Steinberg's "Rava Deravin" (instrumental version, composed for Kim Kashkashian and the Kuss Quartet).

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Maya Bieser – "Provenance" (Innova 2009)

With Etty BenZaken performing the Judeo-Spanish song "Mar de Leche".

Tsippi Fleischer – "Lieder" (Vienna Modern Masters 2009)

With Etty BenZaken performing Tsippi Fleischer's "Saga Portrait" for voice solo.

Noa Blass – "Keys" (2008)

With Etty BenZaken performing 3 compositions by Noa Blass:

"Five poems by Hadassa Tal" for voice & piano, "Invocation" for voice and percussions, and "Lamentations, Mourning and Woe" for two vocal artists (with vocalist Anat Pick).

Rajmil Fischman – "…A Wonderfull World" (EMF 2007)

With Etty BenZaken performing Rajmil Fischman's "Targilim Be'ivrit Shimushit" 
for voice & computer.


On Wings of Song ("Aley Shir") Musical Encounters in Memory of Danny Cohen (2003)

With Etty BenZaken performing Eitan Steinberg's "At Chilwe" for voice & ensemble, with KeyNote's Arab/Jewish Ensemble.

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