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Contemporary music concerts

"Eitan Steinberg is working in Pulitzer contention territory…The marvel is how Steinberg deploys diverse musical strategies from the ancient to the avant-garde and keeps them in productive juxtaposition and conscientious balance". 

- Boston's The Arts Fuse


"Etty BenZaken's voice caries each composition like a chariot … The endless colors of expression changing in her voice… a phenomenal ability". 

- Ha'aretz  

Eitan Steinberg and Etty BenZaken are active on contemporary music stages for more than three decades: Eitan Steinberg as a composer, and Etty BenZaken as a vocalist who performs Steinberg's compositions as well as works by many Israeli composers who compose especially for her voice. In this page you'll find 4 video examples. For many more, visit the Video Library.

Eitan Steinberg: "Cosmic Progressions in The Heart II"

Israeli Contemporary Players | Zsolt Nagy, conductor | Jerusalem Music Center, Nov. 2015

Eitan Steinberg: "Dancing Memory Fish"

For voice and ensemble | Etty BenZaken, voice | Ilan Volkov, conductor | Israeli Contemporary Players | Tel Aviv Museum of Art, June 2012

Sara Shoham: "Identity Issues"

for voice and ensemble | Etty BenZaken, voice | Eitan Steinberg, conductor | Modalius Ensemble | Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 2017

Yossi Mar Chaim: "Dancing Memory Fish"

For voice and computer sound track | Etty BenZaken, voice | After a text by Maya Bejerano | From BenZaken's CD of works composed for her voice, 2010

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