Eitan Steinberg & Etty BenZaken

Etty BenZaken and Eitan Steinberg: Concerts

"Eitan Steinberg is working in Pulitzer contention territory…The marvel is how Steinberg deploys diverse musical strategies from the ancient to the avant-garde and keeps them in productive juxtaposition and conscientious balance". 

- Boston's The Arts Fuse


"Etty BenZaken's voice caries each composition like a chariot … The endless colors of expression changing in her voice… a phenomenal ability". Ha'aretz  

Acclaimed Israeli musicians Eitan Steinberg and Etty BenZaken are active on contemporary music stages in their native country as well as in Europe and the USA. Partners in life and on stage, they collaborate artistically for more than three decades. In this page, few video examples from their concerts: Eitan Steinberg as a composer of contemporary music, and Etty BenZaken as a vocalist who performs his works as well as works by many other Israeli composers who composed especially for her voice.  

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Joseph Bardanashvili: "Yearning"


Etty BenZaken, voice Vakhtang Kakhidze, conductorTbilisi Symphony Autumn Tbilisi Festival, Oct. 2008

Eitan Steinberg: "Assembly of the Souls"


Etty BenZaken, voice | Guy Feder, conductor | Israeli Contemporary Players | Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Sep. 2017

Eitan Steinberg: "The Secret of Intention"


Andres Mustonenn, conductor | 6 choirs from Israel and Estonia | Tel-Aviv, Feb. 2018

Luciano Berio: "Sequenza III" (excerpt)


Etty BenZaken, voice | Tel-Aviv, Feb. 2016

Etty BenZaken performs her own vocal work "Working Wonders"


for voice and sound-track Tel Aviv Museum of Art, March 2014

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