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Stabat Mater - a Human Prayer Program Notes & Photos

Stabat Mater – a Human Prayer moves on from the well-known medieval Christian hymn to a contemporary interpretation about motherly bereavement and the loss of sons in war. This Music-Theater, created by Eitan Steinberg (music) and Etty BenZaken (directing, design, text, fabric art work and performance as vocalist) uses only two excerpts from the Latin hymn, alongside folk and original texts in Hebrew, Arabic, English and Ladino. All these are tied together by an original folk-like tale, telling of loss and mourning, healing and hope. The music includes story telling, singing and playing in folk techniques, improvisations, and the playing on a small accordion, by the vocalist.

Stabat Mater – a Human Prayer can be performed either as a fully staged music-theater work, or as a concert piece. Both the staged production and the concert version were widely performed in Israel, Europe and the USA (2004-2013) and won audienmces' and critics' acclaim. The music was released on the album BenZaken sings Steinberg and Bardanashvili (2010)

Video excerpt 1
Video Excerpt 2
excerpt from concert version
Search Expedition
The Fool
Princess of Five Faces
Princess of Five Faces
The Sultan is Pregnant
Stabat Mater
The Fool
The Fool
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